What Foods Fuel Sex drive?
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Featured Article: What foods fuel sex drive
facts gathered by: Pam - gone-ta-pott.com
resources: wikipedia / thefreedictionary

"An aphrodisiac is a substance that is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable."

Traditional medicine
Some substances containing NO and HCN, e.g. nitroglycerin, cherry and plum stones are commonly used as aphrodisiacs. Ziziphus, beet and ragweed sometimes were used as sexual stimulants in the past.
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Aphrodisiac foods and herbs
Some natural items purported to be aphrodisiacs when ingested or applied to the body.

  • Ambergris - "Ambergris (Ambra grisea, Ambre gris, ambergrease, or grey amber) is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull gray or blackish color produced in the digestive system of sperm whales.  Ambergris has a peculiar sweet, earthy odor. The principal historical use of ambergris was as a fixative in perfumery, though it has now been largely displaced by synthetics.
  • This substance has also been used historically as a flavouring for food, and some people consider it an aphrodisiac. During the Middle Ages, Europeans used ambergris as a medication for headaches, colds, epilepsy, and other ailments."

  • Arugula (Rocket) (Eruca sativa) - Eruca sativa (syn. E. vesicaria subsp. sativa (Miller) Thell., Brassica eruca L.), also known as rocket or arugula, is an edible annual plant. Vernacular names include Garden Rocket, Rocket (British English/Australian & New Zealand English), Eruca, Rocketsalad, Arugula (American English), Rucola (Italian), Rukola (Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian, Polish, Danish, Czech), Rugola (Italian), Rauke (German), Roquette (French), Rokka (Greek), Roka (Turkish), Ruca (Catalan), Beharki (Basque), Voinicică (Romanian) Rúcula, Oruga and Arúgula (Spanish), Rúcula(Portuguese), Jarjeer (Arabic), Ruchetta (Italian), Rughetta (Italian) and Borsmustár (Hungarian). 

  • It is used as a leaf vegetable, which looks like a longer leaved and open lettuce. It is rich in vitamin C and potassium. It is frequently cultivated, although domestication cannot be considered complete. It has been grown in the Mediterranean area since Roman times, and is considered an aphrodisiac. In addition to the leaves, the flowers (often used in salads as an edible garnish), young seed pods and mature seeds are all edible."

  • Atta laevigata - "Atta laevigata is one of about a dozen species of leafcutter ants in the genus Atta, found from Colombia south to Paraguay. The harvesting is done by local peasants who are often wounded by the ants, since the ants have strong mandibles. Only the queens are collected, because the other ants are not edible. The legs and wings are removed; after that, the ants are soaked in salty water and roasted in ceramic pans. The main centers of production of ants are the municipalities of San Gil and Barichara." 

  • Avocado - The word 'avocado' comes from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl ('testicle', a reference to the shape of the fruit). Historically avocados had a long-standing stigma as a sexual stimulant and were not purchased or consumed by any person wishing to preserve a chaste image.Avocados were known by the Aztecs as 'the fertility fruit'.  guacamole

  • Balut - "A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines. They are common, everyday food in some other countries in Southeast Asia, such as in Laos (where it is called Khai Luk), Cambodia (Pong tea khon in Cambodian), and Vietnam (Trứng vịt lộn or Hột vịt lộn in Vietnamese). Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors in the regions where they are available. They are often served with beer."

  • Borojo (Borojoa patinoi) - "Borojoa patinoi, commonly known as Borojó, is a mid sized (3 to 5m) Tropical forest tree that belongs to the Rubiaceae family. The fruit is large (about 12 cm length) with a round shape and brown color. Borojo has high levels of protein, phosphorus, ascorbic acid, calcium and iron. Borojo is used in the preparation of jam, wine, desserts and traditional medicines with supposed aphrodisiac effects. It is also used by the local communities against hypertension, bronchial diseases and malnutrition."

  • Caviar - is high in zinc, which stimulates the formation of testosterone, maintaining male functionality.

  • Celery - sexual stimulation: it contains androsterone, an odorless                                                                                hormone released through male perspiration and turns women on.                                                                                  "Apium graveolens is a plant species in the family Apiaceae commonly                                                                             known as celery (var. dulce) or celeriac (var. rapaceum) depending on                                                                          whether the petioles (stalks) or roots are eaten.  Apium graveolens is                                                                                 used around the world as a vegetable, either for the crisp petiole                                                                                        (leaf stalk) or the fleshy taproot. Celery seeds can be used as flavouring                                                                                or spice, either as whole seeds or ground and mixed with salt, as celery                                                                               salt. Celery salt can also be made from an extract of the roots. Celery                                                                                   salt is used as a seasoning, in cocktails (notably to enhance the flavour                                                                      of Bloody Mary cocktails), on the Chicago-style hot dog, and in Old Bay                                                                   Seasoning.

  • Celery, onions, and bell peppers are the holy trinity of Louisiana Creole                                                                               and Cajun cuisine. Celery, onions, and carrots make up the French                                                                               mirepoix, often used as a base for sauces and soups. Celery is a staple                                                                                  in many soups, such as chicken noodle soup, and is an important                                                                               ingredient in Indian cuisines, including Indian Curry.

  • ChocolateThe key to a woman's heart! Oh yes! Most women will tell you just that... so men you need to make note of this one. You can't go wrong if you have chocolate somewhere during date night. Delicious deep dark rich chocolate contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that raises the body's endorphins, a natural antidepressants. Chocolate can lift libido. 

  • Cow cod soup (Jamaican Aphrodisiac) - "Cow cod soup is a traditional dish in Jamaican cuisine that is considered an aphrodisiac and made with cow penis (or "cod"). It is cooked with bananas and scotch bonnet pepper in a white rum-based broth. Cow cod is a rural delicacy."

  • Cockle Bread - 'Cockle bread' was a bread baked by English women in the seventeenth century which was supposed to act as a love charm or aphrodisiac. (natural magic) The dough was kneaded and pressed against the woman's vulva and then baked. This bread was then given to the object of the baker's affections." s

  • Damiana (Turnera diffusa) - "Damiana today is conventionally made into a tea. In herbal medicine, damiana is used to treat conditions ranging from coughs to constipation to depression. The herbal supplement is reputed to help with Fibromyalgia, energy, emphysema, low estroge, frigidity, hot flashes, impotency, infertility, menopause, Parkinson's disease, PMS, inflammation of prostate, Lou Gehrig's disease, and more dealing with reproductive organs in both males and females."

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