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Supper is the name for the evening meal in some dialects of English-
ordinarily the last meal of the day.

"The term is derived from the French souper, which is still used for this meal in Canadian French, Swiss French and sometimes in Belgian French. It is related to soup. It is also related to the German word for soup, Suppe. (The OED, however, suggests that the root, sup, retains obscure origins. OED Online, Accessed 31 October 2007.)"

Other meanings
"In Britain, whereas "dinner" is a fairly formal evening meal, "supper" is used to describe a less formal, simpler family meal, but also the fairly formal variety in others. In working class British homes, as in Australia and Ireland, "tea" can be used for the evening meal. In the United Kingdom, supper is a term for a snack eaten after the evening meal and before bed, usually consisting of a warm, milky drink and British biscuits or cereal. In the United Kingdom, particularly in Scots, Scottish English and Ulster Scots, a fish supper is a portion of fish and chips. The word is used also as a modifier in this way for a range of other similar meals, such as a "sausage supper", "pastie supper", "haggis supper" and indicates the addition of chips."

"In Australian English, supper may refer to a late light dessert or snack (such as toast and cereal) had some time after dinner. In New Zealand it is similar – generally cake and tea/coffee served later in the evening, particularly when people have visitors."

"In most of the United States and Canada, "supper" and "dinner" are considered synonyms, though supper is rarely used, both typically served between 6pm and 8pm, although in the rural American South serving between three and five o'clock is common. In the South, the term "dinner" can also be used to describe the meal at around 11am, while supper is used to denote the evening meal. A Southern "poor man's supper" consists of some type of beans such as pintoes, potatoes, fatback, and cornbread. In rural areas of the Upper Midwest dinner is a larger noon-time meal, and supper is a lighter evening meal and similar to eating customs in northern Europe where most of the inhabitants originate from. Supper is the last of three to five daily meals: breakfast, (morning lunch), dinner, (afternoon lunch or "coffee") and supper. The main meal is between 11.30am and 1pm. Supper is usually lighter and often consists of bread with cold meat, cheese, soup, salads, fried potatoes, egg dishes and / or dairy products. The decline of typical Midwestern farm culture and urbanization of American language and habits has led to a change in Midwestern eating habits in the past thirty years. Supper is still usually considered lighter fare and a more casual setting, and may be served before a usual dinner time so that evening activities may be unaffected."

"In Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan, Canada, "supper" means the main meal of the day, usually served in the late afternoon, while "dinner" is served around noon."

Chicken Supper: "In the Republic of Ireland, a "chicken supper" is a meal of chips, gravy, onions, peas and chicken breast."

Fish Supper: "In Scotland, a "fish supper" is a traditional fish and chips from the takeaway"

"In Germany supper is called Abendessen (evening meal) or Abendbrot (evening bread). The main meal ("Mittagessen" or dinner) is usually at noontime. Supper is generally eaten between 5.30pm and 8pm. In Poland supper is called kolacja, the meal is usually taken from 6pm to 9pm. The main meal (obiad) is usually at afternoon. In Germany as same as in Poland supper is a variety of breads and rolls are baked for this meal. Cold meats, sausages, various sorts of ham, cheese, pickles also honey, tomatoes, and other sliced vegetables are served with the bread. Usually one drinks coffee or herbal tea, fruit juices, milk or beer with this meal. In Poland Christmas Eve's supper is taken at evening on 24th of December, and traditionally contains 12 meals."

"In Portugal, Spain, Latin America, Asia and the Arab World, supper may be taken as late as right before sleep."

"In the Philippines, supper or in Tagalog, hapunan, is taken from as early as 6pm to 9 pm."

"In Singapore, "dinner" refers to the first evening meal, while "supper" refers to the meal taken later in the evening after dinner, usually after 10pm."

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article supper/and other related pages. Top Photo by:
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