Personality Holiday
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Monthly Holiday Calendar:
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Personality Holidays are in the categories of:
Unofficial holidays & Weird Holidays

Personality Holidays are holidays that describe our many different personalities. It doesn't matter if we are grouchy, humble, grateful or nasty, you can bet there is a day that represents just how we are feeling for the day.

"These are holidays that are not traditionally marked on calendars. These holidays are celebrated by various groups and individuals." "Some are designed to promote a cause, others recognize historical events not recognized officially, and others are "funny" holidays, generally intended as humorous distractions and excuses to share laughs among friends."

How are these holidays celebrated?
Many of us celebrate these holidays by simply talking about silly personality traits that we all have and enjoy in the laughter of sharing the funny stories.

Everybody loves personality holidays! In fact personality holidays are also used in class rooms and sunday schools as teaching aids about how to related to our feeling and in the study of ways to be happy. It's a fun way to introduce a subject to students by opening the door of a holiday.

Humiliation Day:  (January 4)
Peculiar People Day:  (January 10)
Make Your Dream Come True Day:  (January 13)

Dream Your Sweet Day:  (February 13)
Do a Grouch A Favor Day:  (February 16)
Be Humble Day:  (February 22)

National Procrastination Week:  (March 1-7)
I Want You To Be Happy Day:  (March 3)
Be Nasty Day:  (March 8)
Panic Day:  (March 9)
Festival of Life in the Cracks:  (March 10)
Everything You Think is Wrong Day:  (March 15)
Everything You Do is Right Day:  (March 16)
Supreme Sacrifice Day:  (March 18)

Sorry Charlie Day:  (1st Saturday in April)
Tell-A-Lie Day:   (April 4)
Go For Broke Day:  (April 5)
National Honesty Day:  (April 30)


Festival of Popular Delusions:  (June 5)
International Panic Day:  (June 18)

Workaholic's Day:  (July 5)
National Cheer Up the Lonely Day:  (July 11)
Fools Paradise Day:  (July 13)

Lazy Day:  (August 10)
International Clown Week:  (August 1-7 / first week)
National Failures Day:  (August 15)
National Be An Angel Day:  (August 22)
International Forgiveness Day: (August 27)
Be Kind to Human Kind Week:  (Last week of August)

National Courtesy Month:  (month of September 1-30)
Be Late for Something Day:  (September 5)
Fight Procrastination Day:  (September 6)
Swap Ideas Day:  (September 10)
World Graditude Day:  (September 21)

National Sarcastics Month:  (month of October)
Do Something Nice Day: (October 5)
International Moment of Frusration Scream Day:  (October 12)
National Grouch Day: (October 15)
National Pet Peeve Week:  (2nd week in October)

Dunce Day:  (November 8)
Have a Bad Day Day:  (November 19)

National Ding-a-ling Day:  (December 12)
Underdog Day:  (December 17)
Look at the Bright Side Day:  (December 21)
National Whiners Day:  (December 26)
Unlucky Day:  (December 31)


We are still trying to find the actual date for these holidays
International Twit Award Month:  (month of April 1-30)
International Twit Award Month--February 1-28

Blame Someone Else Day--January 13
Blame Someone Else Day--August 13
Blame Somebody Else Day--April 13


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