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Crafts & Hobbies
January is National Hobby Month
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January is National Hobby Month
January 31 is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
National Embroidery Month - February
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My whole family is crafty! Is yours?
Woooo Weeeeeee!   If this is not one of my favorite subjects, I don't know what is.  I am absolutely crazyyyy about crafts and I think everyone in the world has a whole list of hobbies that they each love.   As far as crafts go, I for one love to paint anything I can get my hands on, do woodwork crafts, food crafts,  jewelry, I love making Christmas ornaments, and just about anything strikes my fancy.  I spent many years doing the craft circuits in Florida,  setting up at craft show after craft show after festival.  I don't do that anymore but I sure loved doing it.  Now I have a new artistic love that takes up most of my time. 

My new hobby is building this crafty website and I love it! 
couldn't be easier to make either!  My Daddy is not with us anymore and we sure miss him.  He loved crafts too!  He made oak swings and porch rockers for fun and boy did he make a lot of them!  My Daddy was a tile setter by trade so he was very artisyyy with it and did a beautiful job.
He was always designing something new and loving every minute of it.

Both of my brothers just love doing woodwork just like Daddy did.  They each have different styles with their work and both are extreamely tallented.  Eddie leans toward the craft side of woodwork while Alan leans more toward the big furniture side of woodwork.
They both have hobbies just as different too.  Eddie has always dabbled with anything that has to do with fishing.  Everything from making plastic fishing worms to raising real worms for fishing. ha ha ha ha
Alan loves to take a car or truck apart and reconstruct it  for fun.  Alans wife likes to do needlepoint.

My Mother loves to croche and make jewelry and she does a beautiful job.  Many years ago she dabbled in ceramics and christmas ornaments but she doesn't do that anymore.  When Daddy was alive and sick, the both of them use to make angel pins and sale them to try and supliment Daddys high medical costs.  

When it comes to hobbies...... well..... besides surfing the net and building this website - I like to garden.  I love to grow herbs and I took 2 years of Horticulture in school.....ohhhh way back when.  ha ha ha ha  - I like to cook and I also like to write articles in my free time.  I like to snap a few picture here and there too.  Smileeeeee

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We've listed a few of them here.  Some are free and some are for sale.


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