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Monthly Holiday Events
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Monthly Food Holidays for:
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Movable Holidays: This means that each year the Holiday falls on a different date.
April Flower of the month: Celebrate the fresh bloom of daisies and sweet peas which symbolize curiosity, playfulness and tenaciousness. Sweet Pea, which means "I think of thee."
Zodiac Signs: Aries / The Ram,   Mar. 21 - Apr. 19  -  Taurus / The Bull,  Apr. 20 - May 20  
The name for the Moon in April is Egg Moon, Grass Moon, Hare Moon
Find out when the Full Moon in April is.
April Birthstone:  Diamond, White Sapphire / Meaning: Innocence 

April was originally the second month of the Roman calendar, before January and February were added by King Numa Pompilius about 700 BC. It became the fourth month of the calendar year (the year when twelve months are displayed in order) during the time of the decemvirs about 450 BC, when it also was given 29 days. The Julian calendar reform of 46 BC gave April 30 days, effective in 45 BC.  wikipedia.org/wiki/April

 • Spring:  Spring Time runs from March 20th to June 20th.
 • April Fools Day: History, Traditions, and Foolishness. April Fool's Day and New Year's             Day are linked together in history. Discover why the first day of April is devoted to practical               jokes and humor. wilstar.com  
 • Earth Day: Earth Day is a name used for two different observances, both held annually during           spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere. These are intended         to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. The United Nations                    celebrates Earth Day each year on the March equinox, while a global observance in many                    countries is held each year on April 22.

 Movable April Holidays: (this means the Holiday falls on a different date each year.)
 • Fun at Work Day is the First Monday in April.
 • Sweet Potato Day is the First Monday in April.
 • Check Your Batteries Day is the First Sunday in April.
 • Good Friday
 • Easter -  Easter, a holiday that is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is       observed in the US in the month of March or April.
 • National Egg Salad Week:  is the full week right after Easter Sunday every year. In the month of        March or April.
 • Go Fly a Kite Day is the third Sunday In April.
 • National Arbor Day varies by State / is the last Friday of April.
 • School Librarian's Day is the Wednesday of Library Week.
 • Kids Kick Butts Day (Anti-Tobacco) is the first Wednesday in April.
 • National Sense of Smell Day    (United States) (Last Saturday)
 • Administrative Professionals Day: An unofficial holiday observed on the Wednesday of the last         full week of April. 
More Movable Holidays are listed on the left side of page.

 • Community Spirit Days - Collect items to distribute to local charities.
 • Woodworking Month - Emphasize the beauty and satisfaction of working with wood.
 • Holy Humor Month - to recognize the healing power of joy.
 • Straw Hat Month - Local businesses are encouraged to promote hat related activities.
 • Tackle Your Clutter Month - Clean up all those storage places, donate items to charity, and start        collecting your clutter for another year.
 • World Habitat Awareness Month - Learn how to protect the havitat of all Earth's creatures.
 • National Financial Literacy Month
 • National Child Abuse Prevention Month -  National Humor Month
 • Alcohol Awareness Month - Counseling Awareness Month
 • Women's Eye Health and Safety Month - Daisy Flower Month
 • American Cancer Society Month - National Garden Month 
 • National Welding Month - Zam! Zoo and Aquarium Month
 • Math Education Month - Keep America Beautiful Month
 • National Anxiety Month - Occupational Therapy Month
 • Pets are Wonderful Month - Community Service Month
 • Thai Heritage Month - Stress Awareness Month
 • Cancer Control Month - Month of the Young Child
 • National STDs Education and Awareness Month
 • International Guitar Month - National Frog Month
National Poetry Month - Autism Awareness Month
National Poetry Writing Month - 
 • Youth Sports Safety Month - Sports Eye Safety Month
 • National Recycling Month - National Smile Month
 • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
 • Holocaust Remembrance Month

See all April Food Holidays
National Soft Pretzel Month - National Soyfoods Month


Week One
Straw Hat Week
Astronomy Week
Medic Alert Week
Scoop the poop week
Publicity Stunt Week
Be Kind to Spiders Week
Cherry Blossom Festival
Week of the Young Child
Consider Christianity Week
National Public Health Week
National Birthparents Week
National Bake Week (begins 1st Mon)
National Reading a Road Map Week

Week Two
Harmony Week
Reading is Fun week
National Garden Week
National Library Week
National Guitar Week
Be Kind to Animals Week
Masters Golf Tournament
National Home Safety Week
National Building Safety Week
National Medical Laboratory Week
Private Property Week (10th-16th)

Week Three
Bike Safety Week
Organize your files
National Coin Week
Pan American Week
National Secretary week
Boys and Girls Club Week
National Bubblegum Week
National Week of the Ocean
National Volunteer Week
National Adult Films Week
Explore Your Career Week
National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
National Science and Technology Week

Week Four
Forest Week
Reading Is Fun Week
Jewish Heritage Week
National Lingerie Week
National YMCA Week
Intergenerational Week
Mattress Turnover Week
National TV Turn-Off Week
National Volunteer week
Canada-U.S. Goodwill Week
Consumer Protection Week
Keep America Beautiful Week
Professional Secretaries Week
National Playground Safety Week
Big Brothers/Sisters Appreciation Week
Egg Salad Week / always 1st week after Easter
Teacher Appreciation Week (begins Last Mon)
Administrative Professionals Week

Day-Long Observances, Events, & Holidays

April 1
April Fools Day 
International Tatting Day
Sorry Charlie Day - Honor Charlie the Tuna who is always rejected for the tuna fish can but keeps on trying.
Check Your Batteries Day - Sliced Bread's Birthday (1954)
One Cent Day - Boomer Bonus Days - Lupus Alert Day
National Fun Day - National Love For Our Children Day
Sorry Charlie Day - $$$ The Dollar Sign's Birthday (1778) $$$
Dishwasher Released in 1889 - Apple Computer Birthday 1976

April 2
Fun at Work Day - Sweet Potato Day - Yo-Yo Day
International Children's Book Day - National Ferret Day
Youth and Teen Hockey Day - Reconciliation Day
National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

April 3
Passover - Find a Rainbow Day - American Circus Day
National Chocolate Moose Day - Tweed Day
National Workplace Napping Day
 Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day
World Party Day

April 4
Walk Around Things Day - Kids Kick Butts Day (Anti-Tobacco)
Chocolate Milk Powder Day (Debut 1828) 
Student Government Day

April 5
Dandelion day - Bell Bottoms Day - Stories Day
National Read a Road Map Day - Fun at Work Day
Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women Day
Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

April 6
National Alcohol Screening Day - National Fun at Work Day
New York State Missing Persons Day - Tartan Day
Teflon Birthday (Patented 1938) - Fresh Tomato Day
Post-It Notes Birthday (Released 1980)
TV Dinner Birthday (Released 1954)
North Pole Discovered in 1898
Jump Over things Day -

National Tartan Day
 United States, Scotland, Canada Australia, New Zealand)
(Always April 6)

April 7
Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day - World Health Day
No House work Day - Hospital Admitting Clerks Day
Public Telivision Day

April 8
Tutor Appreciation Day - Milk in Glass Bottles Day 1879
Zoo Lovers Day - Astronomy Day (Astronomy
Trading Cards for Grown-ups Day
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day 

April 9
Name Yourself Day - Listening Day
National Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day
Dry or Powdered Milk Birthday (1872)
First Public Library Opened (1833)
Winston Churchill Day - TV Guide is Born (1953)

Araw ng Kagitingan, also known as Bataan Day 
(April 9, Philippines)

April 10
National Sibling Day - Golfers Day
Encourage a Young Writer Day - Salvation Army Founders Day
Commodore Perry Day

April 11
Barbershop Quartet Day - Eight Track Tape Day
Jackie Robinson Day (First African American in major-league baseball)
School Librarians Day - Thank You School Librarian Day

April 12
Reach as High as You Can Day - Big Wild Day
Look Up at the Sky Day -  National Licorice Day
Big Wind Day - April 12

April 13
Blame Someone Else Day - National D.A.R.E. Day
International Plant Appreciation Day
U.S. Elephant Day (First Elephant Came to America in 1796)
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday (1743) - Scrabble Day

April 14
National Pecan Day - Titanic Shipwrecked
Children With Alopecia Day - Pan American Day
International Moments of Laughter Day
Ex Spouse Day - April 14

April 15
Go Fly a Kite Day - Rubber Eraser Day
Take a Wild Guess Day - Equal Pay Day
Husband Appreciation Day - National Auctioneers Day
Tax Day (This Year is on April 17th Due to the Weekend)
Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday - Art History Day
First Mc Donald's Opened

April 16
Wear your pajamas to work day
National Stress Awareness Day
National Eggs Benedict Day

April 17
Elis Island Family History Day
National Cheese Ball Day - Blah! Blah! Blah ! Day
Sesame Street's Sherlock Hemlock's Birthday
Daffy Duck's Birthday - Petunia Pig's Birthday

April 18
Yankee Stadium Birthday 1923
Pet Owner's Day - National Animal Cracker Day
First Laundromat Opens Fort Worth TX 1934
Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906
Paul Revere Day - International Jugglers Day
National Stress Awareness Day - Tax Freedom Day

April 19
Astronomy Day - Patriot's Day - Humorous Day - Garlic Day
Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day

April 20
International Medical Marijuana Day
Food Day - Make A Quilt Day - Get to Know Your Customer Day
Cuckoo Day - Look Alike Day - Volunteer Recognition Day
National Pineapples Upside Down Cake Day

April 21
  • Kindergarten Day: Kindergarten Day The First Kindergarten was founded by Friedrich Froebel in Germany in 1837, Kindergarten Day is a day to recognize the importance of play, games, and creative activity in children's education.
  • San Jacinto Day in Texas: the day Texas won its independence from Mexico by defeating the army of General Santa Anna at San Jacinto. (partial staffing holiday) Joint Resolution 7, 14th Legislature, 1874. Section 1. link: Texas Holidays
Tuna Rights Day - Red Baron Day - Sesame Street's Rosita's B'day - 
Jet Passenger Service Birthday - Battle of San Jacinto Day
Big Word Day: A day to use huge words on purpose just to impress.

St. George's Day: April 21
honoring the patron saint of England. It's a holiday in Newfoundland.

April 22
Earth Day - Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day
Jelly Bean Day - Celebrate The Earth Day - Earth Day
April Showers Day -

April 23
Read Me Day - William Shakespeare's Birthday (1564)
Home Run Day (Hank Aaron First Home Run
International Sing Out Day - Garlic Day
International Nose Picking Day - April 23
World Book & Copyright Day
Shirley Temple's Birthday
Picnic Day - Fire Drill Day

Conch Republic
Independence Celebration 
(April 23) - Key West, Florida

April 24
Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day - Sesame Street's Natasha's Birthday
National Puppetry Day - Sylvester the Cat's Birthday
Mother, Father Deaf Day

April 25
  License Plates Day - National Telephone Day
National Teach Your Children to Save Day
Arbor Day - National Crayola Day - 
National Zucchini Bread Day

(Australia and New Zealand)
(25 April)

April 26
Professionals Day (National Secretary's Day) now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals Day
Hug a Friend Day - National Bird Day
Hug an Australian Day - National Pretzel day
National Static Cling Day - National Pretzel day
Richter Scale Day

April 27
Woody Woodpecker Day (Creator Walter Lant's Birthday)
National Arbor Day (Note States Have Different Dates)
Tell a story Day -Childcare Professionals Day
Playground Safety Day - Mule Day
Workers Memorial Day

April 28
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day
Kiss your mate day - Poetry Reading Day
National Hairball Awareness Day
Gone-ta-pott Day

April 29
Zipper Patented 1913 - National Shrimp Scampi Day
Rebuilding Day - World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

April 30
National Oatmeal cookie day - Mr. Potato Head Day
Hairstyle Appreciation Day - National Honesty Day
Raisin Day - International Walk Day - Spank Out Day

 Events & Holidays : Monthly Calendar 


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April movable daily holidays

1st Sunday
    * Budoha Day (Hawaii)
    * Vesak (Buddha's Birthday)

1st Saturday
    * Saturday Market Day                  (Oregon)

1st Saturday before 5th
    * Tax Saturday (UK)

1st Thursday
    * Glarus Festival (Osman              land)

1st Friday
    * Student Government Day           (Massachusetts)

Friday after 1st
    * Arbor Day (Apache, Navajo,        Coconino, Mohave, Yavapai;        Arizona)

2nd Friday
    * Audubon Day

3rd Sunday & Monday
    * Sechselauten (Six Ringing           Festival; Switzerland)

3rd Monday
    * Patriot's Day (Maine,                  Massachusetts)

3rd Thursday
    * National High Five Day               (USA)

Thursday between 19th & 26th
    * First Day of Summer                 (Iceland)

Saturday nearest St. George's Day (23rd)
    * Peppercorn Day (Bermuda)

Monday nearest Feast Day of St. George (23rd)
    * St. George's Day                        (Newfoundland)

Sunday after 1st full moon after vernal equinox following Passover
    * Lambri (Bright Day; Greece)

4th Monday
    * Fast Day (New Hampshire)

4th Thursday
    * Take Our Daughters (and            Sons) to Work Day

4th Weekend
    * Just Pray No weekend

Last Monday
    * Confederate Memorial Day          (Alabama, Mississippi)

Last Friday
    * Arbor Day
    * Bird Day

Wednesday of Last Full Week
    * Administrative                         Professionals Day                      (Secretaries Day)
Can you name 10 things that your grateful for today?

I'm grateful for the long hard rains that water the plants, trees and flowers, which also fill our lakes, ponds and streams.

I'm grateful for the family of racoons who hide and take shelter under my house.

I'm grateful for the apples  I have each week to feed the birds and wildlife.

I'm grateful for my husband getting a leasure day off from work.

I'm grateful for my cuddle bug cat named Smokey who is always there for me.

I'm grateful for my hot raspberry tea, thats sweetened with honey.... that I'm sipping right now as I watch the late afternoon fog roll in.

I'm grateful for homemade mashed potatoes smothered in meatballs and mushroom gravy. It was a delishious supper on a rainey day.

I'm grateful for nice neighbors who lovingly walk their dogs past my front door each and every morning.

I'm grateful for God walking with me each and every second of the day.

I'm grateful for being able to do all the things I'm passionate about like....  crafts, painting, taking pictures, nature watching, gardening, and building my fun website that your reading right now.
Did you know that each month has a color ?

Dark Forest Green
Pale/Sky Blue

True Blue

also Orange

Learn more about color at the
Wolf Moon Dance website. It's a lot of fun!