National Breakfast Holidays
A look into National Breakfast Observances
National Breakfast Month

It's National Month Of?
National Oatmeal Month - January
Prune Breakfast Month--January 1-31
National Egg Month--May 1-31
National Applejack Month--October 1-31
National Honey month - September
National Biscuit month - September
National mushroom month - September
National Potato month - September
National Pancake Month

It's National Week Of?
First week in September is - National Waffle Week
Second week in September is also Biscuits & Gravy week.
3rd week in February is - National Pancake week.

It's National Day Of?
International Waffle Day - March 25
National Waffle Day - August 24
Maple Syrup Saturday--3rd Saturday in March
National Eggs Benedict Day--April 16
Oatmeal Muffin Day--December 19
National Pancake Day--September 26
National Maple Syrup Day--December 17
September 26: National Pancake Day
September 27: National Corned Beef Hash Day.
September 27: Is also National Chocolate Milk Day.
September 29: National Coffee Day.
International Bacon Day: Saturday before Labor Day
International Chicken And Waffles Day: celebrated on the first Friday following the first Thursday in October.

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