May is National Month of:
 National Asparagus Month
 National Barbecue Month
 National Chocolate Custard Month
 National Egg Month
 National Hamburger Month
 National Salad Month
 National Salsa Month
 National Strawberry Month

To see the complete day to day Food Holiday's visit May Food Calendar.

National Barbecue Month
Don't miss reading our very own Grilling & BBQ page where you can get tips on BBQing.

May 15:
National Chocolate Chip Day
"Chocolate Chip Recipe"
1 cup butter - 1 cup sugar - 2 eggs - 1 cup brown sugar - 1 tbs. vanilla
1 1/4 tsp baking soda - 2 1/4 cup flour - 1/2 cup nuts (optional)
1 large package of chocolate chips.
Preheat oven to 350.   Cream sugars and butter.  Add eggs and vanilla.  Beat well.  Add baking soda and flour.  Beat until well mixed.  Stir in nuts and chocolate chips.  Spoon 1 tsp size onto ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake 12 minutes or until brown.
Do you love baking and eating really hot and gooey cookies as much as we do?  Well don't miss reading our  "Coffee Cookie Recipes."
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May Holiday Calendar
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 • Mothers Day - Mothers Day is always on a Sunday. 
 • In the United States, Military Spouse Day is observed on the Friday preceding Mother's Day.
 • Astronomy Day: occurs on a Saturday between mid-April and mid-May, and is scheduled so as to occur at or just before the first quarter Moon. 
 • Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of May.
 • National Teachers Day- always the Tuesday of the first full week in May.
 • National Backyard Games week (Last full week before Memorial Day.)
 • Surgical Technologist Week (Always the week with the 3rd Sunday)
 • Police Week (Full Week including May 15th)
 • National Windmill Day - On this holiday in the Netherlands, the second Saturday in May, as many surviving windmills as possible are set in motion for tourists. The country has some 950 windmills, about 300 of which are still used occasionally.


See all May Food Holidays
National Barbecue Month,  National Hamburger Month,
National Salad MonthNational Egg MonthNational Salsa Month,
National Strawberry Month,


Week One
Read Me Week
Clear Air Week
National Herb week
National Music week
Child Care Awareness Week
National be kind to Animals Week
National Teacher Appreciation Week
National Computer Education Week
National Family Reading Week
National Tourism Week
National Family Week
National Raisin Week
National Safe Kids Week
National Postcard Week
Jewish Heritage Week
National Wildflower week
Water/Detect-a-Leak Week
Food Allergy Awareness Week
Flexible Work Arrangements
Cartoon appreciation Week
National Nurses Week (6- 12)

Week Two
National Pet week
National Bike Week
National Music Week
National Police week
National Bike Week
National Hospital Week
Universal Family Week
National Etiquette Week
Girls Incorporated Week
National Nursing Home Week
 National Historic Preservation Week

Week Three
Astronomy Week
Buckle Up America Week
Hurricane Awareness Week
Medic Alert Awareness Week
National Transportation week
National New Friends, Old Friends Week
National Backyard Games week (Last full week before Memorial Day.)
Running & Fitness Week; World Trade Week
Surgical Technologist Week (Always the week with the 3rd Sunday)
Police Week (Full Week including May 15th)

Week Four
National Shoe Week
National Pickle Week
National Safe Boating Week
Good Stewardship Week

Day-Long Observances, Events, & Holidays

May 1, 
May Day
Law Day
Loyalty Day
Save a Rhino Day
Mother Goose Day
Hawaiian Lei Day
Stepmother's Day
Worthy wage Day
School Principals Day
Cheerios Released in 1941
Executive Coaching Day
Frequent Flyer Day
Library Legislative Day
New Homeowner;s Day
Couple Appreciation Day
Batman Debuted in 1939
Empire State Building Opened in 1931
Labor Day (Mexico and Canada)

May 2 
Brother/Sister Day
National Baby's day
Take a Baby to Lunch Day
Sibling Appreciation Day
Dr. Benjamin Spock's Birthday (1903)
National River Clean Up Day

May 3 
Kite Day
Lumpy Rug Day
Wordsmith Day
Paranormal Day
Make-A-Book Day
Sears Tower Birthday
Sun Day (Day of the Sun)
World Press Freedom Day
National Day of Prayer
National Scrapbook Day
National Public Radio Day
Colored Comic Book Birthday
National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day
National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day
International Tuba Day 

May 4
Space Day
Make-A-Book Day
Baseball League Day
4-H Began (1901)
Youth Day In China
National Day of Reason
National Day of Prayer
Respect for Chickens Day
National Kids Fitness Day
Grammy Awards Birthday
Lunar Roving Vehicle on Moon
Susan's Birthday (Sesame Street)
National Weather Observers Day
National Candied Orange Peel Day

May 5
Cinco De Mayo
Kentucky Derby
Japan's Childrens Day
Museum Lover's Day
Cartoonists Day (? date in question)
First American in Space
Yosemite Sam's Birthday
First MLB Perfect Baseball Game (1904 by Cy Yound).

May 6
No Diet Day
Pilates Day
School Family Day
Join Hands Day
No Homework Day
O. Henry Pun Day
Scrapbook Day
Willie May's Birthday
National Nurse's Day
National Hoagie Day
National Beverage Day
International No Diet Day
American Lung Association Birthday

May 7
Scale Day
Paste-up Day
International Tuba Day
Fire Escape Ladder Birthday
National Tourism Day
National Infertility Survival Day
Unity in Diversity Day
Great Lakes Awareness Day
Childhood Depression Awareness Day  (Wear a Green Ribbon)

May 8
No Sock Day
Have A Coke Day
National Teacher's Day
National River Clean Up Day
Harry S. Truman's Born (1884)
International Red Cross Day

May 9
Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day
First Newspaper Cartoon (In the USA) in 1754.
Sir John Barbie's B'day (Peter Pan)
Lost Sock Memorial Day
Dagwood's Birthday (Blondie)
Hurray for Buttons Day
Peter Pan Day (Author James Matthew Born 1860 in Scotland)

May 10
Blood Pressure Day
Trust Your Intuition Day
National Receptionist Day
Clean Up Your Room Day
National Small Business Day!
Donate a Day's Wages to Charity Day
National Nightshift Workers Day
National Third Shift Workers Day
National School Nurses Day
Root Canal Appreciation Day
Trust Your Intuition Day

May 11
Jigsaw Puzzle Day
Eat What You Want Day
National Military Spouse Appreciation Day
National Family Childcare Providers appreciation Day

May 12
Migratory Bird Day
National Nurses Day
Disney's Goofy Debuted
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
Native American Rights Day
Limerick Day (Edward Lear's birthday)

May 13
Tulip Day
Windmill Day
Cough Drop Day
Astronomy Day
Mother Ocean Day
I Just Called to Say I Love You Day
Blame Someone Else DayInternationalo Migratory Bird Day
Jamestown Landing Day
National Babysitter's Day
Stamp Out Hunger- NALC Food Drive
World Fair Trade Day
Native American Day

May 14
Crazy Day
Motorcycle Day
Race For The Cure Day
Underground America Day
Marshmallow Fluff Birthday
National Third Shift Workers Day
Drunk Driving Memorial Day
National Dance Like A Chicken Day
Star Wars Day (Creator George Lucas Born)

May 15
Dinosaur Day
Biographer's day
Nylon Stockings Day
Over The Rainbow Day
Peace Officers Memorial Day
International Day of Families
National Employee Health and Fitness Day

May 16
Spam Debuted
Biographers Day
Nickel Day (US Nickel Minted 1866)
Wear Purple For Peace Day
Spaghetti-O Debuted
National Sea Monkeys Day

May 17
Pack Rat Day
Child Safety Awareness Day
Kids Helping Kids Day
First Kentucky Derby Ran
World Telecommunications Day
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
Brown Bag It Thursday
Merry-Go-Round (1620 a Horse Powered Merry-Go-Round Debuted)

May 18
Head Start Began
No Dirty Dishes day
Mount St. Helens Erupted In 1980.
International Museum Day
Visit Your Relative's Day
Worlds Largest Lego Completed
Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day

May 19
Peace Day
Frog Jump Day
Sun Awareness Day
Armed Forces day
National Garage Sale Day
National Be a Millionaire Day
Natioanl Defense Transportation Day
National Bike To Work Day
National Children and Police Day
Celebrate Your Elected Officials Day
Ringling Brothers Founded Their Circus (Circus Day)

May 20
Flower Day
Strawberries Day
Eliza Doolittle Day
Weight and Measure's Day
National Stroke Awareness Day
Blue Jeans Birthday (Levi Recieved Patent)

May 21
Neighbor Day
US Red Cross Founded
Victoria Day in Canada
National Waitresses/Waiters Day
I Need a Patch For That Day
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development
National Bike to Work Day
Armed Forces Day

May 22
Toothpaste Tube Birthday
Buy-A-Musical-Instrument Day
National Maritime Day
InternationalDay for Biological Diversity

May 23
Lucky Penny Day
National Taffy Day
Sea Turtle Day
World Turtle Day
National Pickle Day

May 24
Tiara Day
Brother's Day
Victoria Day (Canada)
Scavenger Hunt Day
Mary Had A Little Lamb Day
Morse Code Day (First message sent in 1844)
Brooklyn Bridge?s Birthday. Finished in 1983
Methodist Church Birthday (1738)
Sesame Streeet's Sam the Robot Debuted

May 25
National Missing Children's Day
International Sing-out Day!
National Tap Dance Day
National Something day
PBS's Arthur Debuted
Star Wars Birthday (Movie Released 1977)

May 26
Senior Health and Fitness Day
Dracula's Debuted in 1897

May 27
Golden Gate Bridge Opened (1937)
Masking Tape Patented (1930)
Pop-Up Toaster Released (1918)
Cellophane tape patented
International Jazz Day

May 28
Gone-ta-pott Day
Morning Radio Day
Sierra club Founded
 Slugs Return to Capistrano Day
Whooping Crane Day (First Born in Captivity)

May 29
Pink Flamingo Day
Honor your Ancestors Day
John F. Kennedy's Birthday (1917)
International Day of UN Peacekeepers

May 30
Loomis Day
Water a flower Day
Hole in My Bucket Day
Lincoln Memorial Dedication
Hug your cat day (varied dates?)
Indianapolis 500 Day (First Race 1911)
Memorial Day (True)

May 31
World No Tobacco Day
National Macaroon Day
National Meditation Day
National save your hearing day
Great American grump out Day
National Senior health and Fitness Day

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Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a day set aside to commemorate the brave hearts who laid down their lives for the nation. It's time to get together and remember the fallen heroes, their valor and pay tribute to the living legends. Reach out to your family, friends and loved ones with Memorial Day ecards filled with pride, warmth and togetherness..
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(May 26 - 28)
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Hug Your Cat Day
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Ice Cream Day
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ProfessYour Love Day
(June 9)
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It's Red Rose Festival! 
(June 10)
So celebrate the pretty blooms and say what you feel with lovely roses. Send beautiful and warm ecards to your friends/ family/ loved ones/ sweetheart and wish a festival blooming with joy.
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Did you know that each month has a color ?

Dark Forest Green
Pale/Sky Blue

True Blue

also Orange

Learn more about color at the
Wolf Moon Dance website. It's a lot of fun!
May Food Holidays
Unless otherwise stated, these are generally observed in the US .

April Showers Bring May Flowers.