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Our National Calendar is packed full of fun coffee Holiday's so since our Directory is based on the Calendar of Events it was just a must to dedicate a whole section of our website to coffee in honor of our Calendar.  Coffee's not just for drinking ya know! Find out many different way's to have your coffee right here in these pages.

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A look into our National Coffee Holiday's
The 4th week in January is National Irish Coffee Week.  January 25th is National Irish Coffee Day.  May 16th is National Coffee Day.  May 24th is National Coffee Day in Brazil.  July 24th is Coffee Day.  July 24 is instant coffee day, July 26 National Coffee Milkshake Day.  Sept 6th National Coffee Ice Cream Day.  Sept. 12 is National Coffee Day in Costa Rica .  Sept 19 is National Coffee Day  in Ireland.  Sept 29th is National Coffee Day.  Oct. 1 is the Japanese National Coffee Day. It's ovious that coffee lover's are world wide and love any excuse or Holiday to drink coffee.
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